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This name of article is bad, because of double ' it seems like second half of name is in italic, and the nterwiki links are not correct. see cs:Vatikán

Cità do Vaticano

can you rename it? 08:01, 21 Màr 2007 (UTC)

  • Hi, we renamed it. Thank you. Best regards --Sarvaturi 13:01, 21 Màr 2007 (UTC) (vedere anche la discussione nel Cìrculo)
Name is still problem. Could you use two ’-marks, so it would not be problem anymore. Thanks. -- 15:52, 12 ott 2007 (UTC)
It's strange... Corea d''o Sud works properly, see cs:Jižní Korea. Does anyone know what's the problem? Both articles use the same characters ( ' ). --Andreas 16:52, 12 ott 2007 (UTC)
We had the same problem with Torre d''o Grieco, you need to actually use %27%27 for the interwiki like it is here- cs:Torre del Greco .-E. abu Filumena 20:39, 12 ott 2007 (UTC)
Well really this is a bug of the MediaWiki software and I asked the technical team more than once to look into it. We need the double quotes in the text, which normally are needed for a writing style. That is indeed not nice and it is quite annoying to use each time the unicode number to substitute it and have proper writing on nap.wikipedia. So it creates problems with interwikis on other wikipedias ... may it's our chance to get things done. Uhmmmm .... --Sabine 08:48, 13 ott 2007 (UTC)
I think the %27%27 is their "solution", the way we do it (with the "&#39") doesn't parse correctly and the %27%27 does and it produces the same results graphically and search-wise. I really don't think we're going to get too much more out of them.-E. abu Filumena 18:15, 13 ott 2007 (UTC)
So we should get all of these marks in page titles replaced with %27%27 in order that interwiki bots spread them. Another idea of mine: In most wikipedias, on the article edit pages, there are various characters and symbols to paste in (punctuation marks, umlauts, rōmaji, etc.) below the input field. Our edit pages should include a %27%27 function as well as all the special letters Neapolitan uses. We should propose adopting this (maybe from Catalan wikipedia which has a great variety of symbols), and modify the main field for Neapolitan input. Andreas 20:21, 13 ott 2007 (UTC)
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