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Revert of 162 - Japanese interwiki
(Revert of 162 - Japanese interwiki)
I suppose the revert was an error, sorry. Will look at it tomorrow, since I am just having a last look and should already be asleep. --[[Utente:SabineCretella|Sabine]] 23:07, 2 set 2006 (UTC)
== Revert of [[162]] - Japanese interwiki ==
Hi, it seems as if <nowiki>[[ja:162]]</nowiki> leads to only the number on ja.wikipedia, while <nowiki>[[ja:162年]]</nowiki> leads to the year. We don't have this difference on nap.wiki - or better we don't have the actual number on nap.wikipedia right now wich would be [[162 (número)]]. [[162]] as well as all the other years refer to the year 162 etc. and not the number. Best, --[[Utente:SabineCretella|Sabine]] 05:28, 13 set 2006 (UTC)
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