• (nl): Deze gebruikerspagina is van een gebruiker die het meest actief is op de Nederlandstalige Wikipedia.
  • (en): This userpage is from a frequent wikipedian from the Dutch Wikipedia.
  • (de): Diese Benutzerseite ist von einem Benutzer von der Niederländischen Wikipedia.

2rightarrow.png My homewiki is located at: w:nl:Gebruiker:Romaine

2rightarrow.png If you want to contact me, please write a message on my nl-Wikipedia talk-page.

  • Please mention that it takes some time before messages on my talkpage here on this project are seen.


Hi and welcome on the Neapolitan wikipedia. Well :-) nice to meet you and if you have any questions, please let us know. --Sabine 17:08, 12 Màr 2008 (UTC)

One question I do have: what is the template for babel on this wiki? Greetings & thanks NL-Romaine 17:12, 12 Màr 2008 (UTC)
And thanks for your welcome message! NL-Romaine 17:12, 12 Màr 2008 (UTC)
Hij! De sjabloon voor de taalverdigheit vind je hier: {{Babel-X|nld}}. X is the number of languages. Andreas 18:19, 12 Màr 2008 (UTC)